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WSP Wins Another FEMA Housing Inspection Services Contract!

Message from Project Manager, Greg Reynolds

Greg Reynolds
Greg Reynolds, FEMA HIS Project Director

New Contract Award! I am delighted to announce that WSP USA Services, Inc. has been selected for another major five-year contract with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). This contract is our 5th consecutive award as a preferred contractor and trusted partner with FEMA’s Housing Inspections Services (HIS).

Commitment to Continual Improvement. WSP has supported FEMA in the HIS mission for the last 24 years. Our experience in HIS management is unsurpassed in the industry with over 6.8 million inspections performed to date. Over time, the nature of the disasters to which we respond has evolved. They are bigger, more complex, and remain highly visible in today’s 24/7 news. And they happen in the context of an America where both people and technology are on the move. With this in mind, we must continually improve and learn. We must prepare not for the last disaster, but for what’s ahead.

We are Future Ready. At WSP, this preparation is called Future Ready – the commitment to understand the trends that we will face in the future, and plan for them today. There is no contract in our portfolio where delivering on that commitment is more important than this new FEMA HIS contract! People depend on FEMA – and by extension, us - in their hours of greatest need, when resources, livelihood and homes have disappeared. We take this as a solemn obligation to be met without fail. Our focus for the new 2019 HIS contract is to continue to drive for innovation and leadership in all aspects of the program to create efficiencies, reduce costs and advance operational capabilities – all while delivering timely, quality inspections with exemplary customer service.

Congratulations and Thank you! On behalf of WSP Senior Management and Project Management, I congratulate all WSP staff and employee inspectors who have participated on the FEMA HIS project. You and your commitment to excellence are much appreciated, for without you and your good performance, this win would not have been possible. WSP remains highly committed to working with each of you to achieve new successes in the future.

Again, thank you, well done and congratulations!


Greg Reynolds, FEMA HIS Project Director
WSP USA Inspection Services


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