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Thankful for Everything You Do!

At this time of Thanksgiving, WSP’s FEMA HIS management team wants to thank you for everything you do to make WSP successful and impact the communities where we live and work. Your dedication to doing it right the first time, generous spirit, creativity, compassion, sacrifice, and willingness to go above and beyond make me proud to work alongside you.

Here is a typical example of your day-to-day commitment. Recently an inspection in DR 4673 Florida was delayed because the applicant was not feeling well. Upon recovery, the applicant called FEMA to have the inspection reinstated. FEMA reissued the inspection as a priority. WSP’s Production team immediately assigned the inspection to an experienced inspector who had the inspection scheduled, completed, and returned within 2 hours! A shout-out to WSP disaster inspector John Conde. Well done, and thank you for so urgently meeting this special need! FEMA sent the following note of appreciation to David Jackson, WSP’s Task Order Coordinator for DR 4673 FL, Dave, thanks for getting this inspection sent, set up, and completed. Please relay out to the inspector the efforts were noticed and appreciated. It had some high-profile attention and was appreciated when they could report up it was done. So, thanks for your efforts and for your inspectors working through, and getting it done and returned. Much appreciation. And thanks to any and all who helped make it happen … assigning, review, the whole crew.” 

To all our talented staff and inspectors: We appreciate you and your extraordinary commitment to service. Our work matters and you prove that daily. Thank you! 

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,


Jarad Kapsa
Project Director
FEMA HIS Contract


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