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Becoming a Quality Control Mentor - A Growth Opportunity for Inspectors

At WSP USA Inspection Services, we value our inspectors and encourage their professional growth and career mobility within the organization. Many of our full-time project staff began their careers as a field inspector and then pursued becoming a QC mentor, which eventually led them to a leadership role on the project.

A QC mentor conducts field QC inspections and counsels inspectors how to improve performance. Since every inspector's work is reviewed by a QC mentor, the QC mentor has a tremendous influence on inspector performance and is an important role model. Inspectors interested in becoming a QC mentor must have a proven performance record in providing compassionate, quality and timely housing inspections on behalf of disaster survivors.

Do you possess superior time management, organizational, and communication skills? Are you committed to the very highest standards of honesty, integrity and respect? Are you interested in being part of a positive and hardworking team? To learn more on how to join our team of QC mentors, you may contact Field Quality Control Manager, Mark Parr, at or 540-504-0427 (office).


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