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Dave Morris Awardees

Superior project members regularly exhibit the qualities of reliability, dependability, and dedication. Some exhibit leadership excellence while others work hard behind the scenes to help ensure the success of the organization.  Many possess other hard to find qualities while only a few are committed enough to elevate themselves to the level of truly extraordinary.

This award is bestowed to one person each year that best embodies the attributes exhibited by David Morris throughout his career in inspection services. Extraordinary project members possess qualities that may not be readily apparent on performance appraisals or staff evaluations but have a major impact on the overall success of our project. They have the ability to lead with confidence or find pathways to enhance our success. They contribute in a variety of extraordinary ways that often don’t get measured by standard means. David Morris was such a person.

  • When a task falters, extraordinary employees instinctively know that there's a problem and act to create solutions without instruction.
  • They stand out above the rest.  They work within the team but go beyond the daily norm.  They are constantly thinking of innovative ideas and solutions.
  • An extraordinary employee recognizes outstanding performance and hard work from others and is more than willing to express that to all.
  • They’re always looking for a better way.  Extraordinary employees find ways to make the processes better, faster or more efficient.
  • Extraordinary employees focus on getting the job done instead of focusing on obstacles.  They are committed to go above and beyond to do an extraordinary job.

People do not follow uncommitted leaders. Commitment is evidenced by the amount of hours one dedicates to their profession, how they work to improve their capabilities, and what they do for our project, often at great personal sacrifice.


2016 – Casey Clarke

Casey Clarke

The David Morris award is bestowed to individuals who excel at getting things done and making the success of our project their number one priority. Deployments present unique challenges that often require long hours and innovative solutions to overcome. As our Logistics manager, and Safety and Security officer, Casey Clarke is very familiar with these challenges. Rain or shine, day or night, weekend or holiday, with his ‘Git-R-Done’ attitude, Casey knows how to make things happen and how to accomplish them as efficiently and cost effective as possible. 

2015 – Eula Thomas

Eula Thomas

2015 Dave Morris Award Winner Eula Thomas

2014 – Heather Bachand

Heather Bachand

2014 Dave Morris Award Winner Heather Bachand

2014 – Joe Anelli

Joe Anelli

2014 Dave Morris Award Winner Joe Anelli

2013 – Mike Trumble

Mike Trumble

2013 Dave Morris Award Winner Mike Trumble

2013 – David Kerr

David Kerr

2013 Dave Morris Award Winner David Kerr

2013 – Neil Swenson

Neil Swenson

2013 Dave Morris Award Winner Neil Swenson

2012 – Hugh Inglis

Hugh Inglis

2012 Dave Morris Award Winner Hugh Inglis

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